Since 2020 health, and well-being has moved into our focus to be the basis for all being and doing. We believe that effective home healthcare and anti-aging, will be an essential part of our new lifestyle.

The HUMAN REGENERATOR JET is pioneering. The concept and category of the device are unique in the world.


How does it work exactly?

Oxidative stress is responsible for aging and the loss of vitality. It is also the cause of many known diseases. Physically speaking oxidative stress produces free radicals which harm cells and DNA. Physically speaking free radicals are incomplete, forming unpaired electrons, missing one electron.

The exclusive HUMAN REGENERATOR JET gently transmits active electrons to the user in the form of micro currents that counteract oxidative stress in a revolutionary and effective way. In the new advanced method, the micro currents are produced by negative Ion Plasma that is gently transported by electronic Induction.

Is the HUMAN REGEGENERATOR JET a medical device?

No, it is a wellness interior device.


Each session lasts half an hour. Many settings can be chosen through an operating menu. For example, treatment times from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

The Human Regenerator Jet has purely positive effects on the entire body without any side effects. Therefore it can´t be overexposured, since ideal bio-energetic level cannot be exceeded.

Applicators on arms and legs discharge excess electrons into the earth.

Does an application has side effects?

In 4 years of testing and many tousands of applications no side effects were appeared.

What does the user feels during the application?

The user feels relaxed in a meditate-line condition. The user feels the session by a pleasant antistatic field.


By counteracting the consequences of oxidative stress, the regeneration process can assist in the strengthening of the immune and nervous system, enhancement of the skin’s structure, and rejuvenation of the whole body. The effect also has anti-aging properties by optimizing all of the bio-energetic processes in the body.

Pricing, Buying, Leasing

What is the price of the HUMAN REGENERATOR JET?

The HUMAN REGENERATOR JET is available in only one full complete specification. The purchase price is in the six-figure

Euro range and is set individually depending on the country delivery and installation costs, country duty and tax costs, and country distribution structure. Our customer team will be happy

to send you an individual offer.


Yes, System4 offers a flexible lease contract period. The lease pricing for the HUMAN REGENERATOR Jet depends also on the

country. It contains a one-time activation fee and a monthly fee.

Our customer team will be happy to send you an individual offer.

Distributorship, Sales

Where can I find a HUMAN REGENERATOR JET Distributor?

System4 Technologies has distributors in 24 countries.

Our distributors and our Sales Team are available to our clients

on a daily basis for consultation, guidance, assistance and support. For information, please contact us at:

I want to become a Distributor.

Become part of a global distribution network of revolutionary and
unique luxury and lifestyle products. We are looking for partners that strategically align with our business in order to accelerate channel optimization. Send us an eMail to


Is the HUMAN REGENERATOR JET a limited offer?

Yes, the HUMAN REGENERATOR JET is a superluxurious and unique high-tech on-demand-only interior device that is manufactured in a 6-month time period. The device is handmade in northwestern Germany. A limited number of only 300 HUMAN REGENERATOR JET will be produced and offered in 2021. Production of the device will remain limited during the following years.



We deliver in almost every country in the world. We choose the fastest delivery, mostly by truck or plane. The device is packed in 3 big, high-end wood boxes on stabile rollers. The delivery is included in the price.


For installation in your home a space of minimum 3,5 x 3,5 meters is required. The installation is performed by System4 Technicians who fly to every destination in the world to install your device in the desired location. The installation is included in the price.


On the day of installation, a detailed personal training on the device is also offered. The personal training is included in the price.


The HUMAN REGENERATOR JET includes a warranty of 1 year.

We recommend maintenance of the device every 2 years.

Even after the warranty expires, our experts and assistants are fully at your disposal. Expect a lifetime one-of-a-kind service for a unique and superluxury product.


Currently, the HUMAN REGENERATOR JET can be tested in one of the most beautiful hotels in northwestern Germany. The 53° Hotel.

Over the next few years, we plan showrooms in many countries.

We will regularly inform you on our website about options to test the HUMAN REGENERATOR JET.

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