Human Regenerator Jet new 2021


Since 2020 health, degeneration and well-being has become the most central role for each individual, but also for our society.

Since 2020 health, degeneration and well-being has moved into our focus to be the Basis for all being and doing.

This is exactly where the HUMAN REGENERATOR JET starts.

The HUMAN REGENERATOR JET is an electronic device that fights aging and
the consequences of degeneration.

Human Regenerator Jet


Imagine a revolutionary interior object that improves your quality of life.

An interior object so unique, so spectacular & invaluable that will enrich your home & life.

We believe that effective home healthcare and anti-aging, will be the essential
part of our new lifestyle.

The HUMAN REGENERATOR JET is pioneering.
The HUMAN REGENERATOR JET allows the user to enjoy life in an unprecedented way.


The HUMAN REGENERATOR JET counteracts through it´s negative Ion Plasma the consequences of oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is caused by natural cell division or by external influences such as harmful environmental factors, harmful food, inflammations, stress, infections or illnesses.

Oxidative stress is responsible for aging and the loss of vitality. It is also the cause
of many known diseases.

Oxidative stress causes free radicals which harm cells and DNA. Free radicals are incomplete, forming unpaired electrons, missing one electron.

This missing electron causes free radicals to become very aggressive constantly striving
to gather enough electrons.

Free radicals attack cells and even DNA in an attempt to take one electron from them. This process results oxidation, aging, diseases and degeneration.


The HUMAN REGENERATOR JET is a soft and purely physical method of generating specific negatively loaded Ion Plasma.

Energetically active negative Ion Plasma fields is inductively transmitting active electrons in the form of micro-currents. Providing reams of active electrons in a soft and responsive calibration, neutralizes free radicals and supports the process of regeneration.

You are invited to test the world`s one and only device that works against the consequences of oxidative stress, aging and degeneration.


The HUMAN REGENERATOR JET is a luxury, individual in order produced handmade product. The manufacturing is located near Oldenburg in Northwest Germany.

104 Individual components are formed by highly qualified engineers to one of the most spectacular products in the world. Expect a one-of-a kind service for a unique and luxury product.

A personal assistant is available to our clients for consultation, guidance and support.
Every device produced undergoes a production time of 5 months as well as 1 month of testing and this is a clear demonstration of our standards of quality. In the unlikely event of a defect, our engineer will travel anywhere in the world within a short period of time.

Unique production perosnal


The HUMAN REGENERATOR JET is created for those who strive to achieve long periods of health and well-being for their families, enterprises and society.

The best investment of your life.

Made for Generations.

Human Regenerator Jet Regenerate Cells


Only 300 HUMAN REGENERATOR JET will be produced and offered in 2021. The device will stay limited during the following years.

The HUMAN REGENERATOR JET can be purchased or also leased in the most countries in the world.

Please contact us for purchase or lease enquiries, test or more information at: or use the contact form for this purpose.